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Black Magic in World

Modern Thinking about Black Magic

Today most of the people who don’t have a belief on the traditional rituals keep them in the category of the black magic. Actually there are many interactions and links between these rituals and black magic. These both include many things in their practices. Some of them are described below.

Things included in Rituals and Black Magic

Necromancy: This magic is done very often and it has the main concern with the death or the dead body. 
Hexes: In this some complex rituals or enchantments are carried out so that one person may wish something worse for the other person. This is also known are curses.
Real Name Spells: To make a control on a person the real name of him/her is usedagain for the evil purpose. This is also used to create a connection with a person whose name is spelled. Also to make someone free from a compulsion from other side.



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