Black Magic Specialsit in Kolkata

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Black magic is a science that deals with the spirits and all the negative energies. This science is said to be practiced since ages and many cities and villages are continuing the tradition. The disturbing fact is that many modern cities are also reported to have a large number of cases involving witch craft. Black magic in Kolkata has always been a known fact. The Navratri period is found to be the most suitable period for the black magicians perform such activities. There are many places in Kolkata that are declared as haunted and are used to perform such activities. The places like writer's building, South Park Street Cemetery, Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station, Hastings House, National Library etc. are few amongst those to name.

Black Magic in Kolkata

The places are so famous that even the tourists make sure that they visit these places. The people of the villages in Bengal are known to be performing black magic on each other for decades. People use it to control others and protect themselves from bad spirits. People who practice it say that it is a dangerous and one should know the after effects before even thinking of getting into it. Black magicians believe that by using the tricks they are able to do anything that is not possible in normal life. Bengal is known for such rituals.


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Black Magic Specialsit Kolkata

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