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Health Problem Solution

This is the area of astrology which defines the medical or health problems associated with each sign. We can tell what kinds of medical problems will a person suffers in his/her life. If we can foretell someone’s health problems, then we could also predict death? After all, the 8th house is supposed to tell of a person’s death.

The 4th house can describe the affairs at the end of life and all endings in general. There are some things we are not supposed to know, and quite frankly who really wants to know? There are several astrologers out there who claim to be able to tell for certain the timing of death, and they all are miss-guiding people. Astrology can point to chronic health problems. Usually indicated by the Sun, Ascendant, 6th house and the signs associated with them. Aspects made to the Sun and the Ascendant are very important. For example, Jupiter in good aspect to the Sun gives a vitality department, and if Mars is in good aspect to the Sun, it gives speedy recuperation. Saturn to the Sun, in difficult aspect, will show a chronic health problem which is further described by the signs in which these two planets fall, also note the houses. Venus rules sweets and the kidneys. The Moon rules fluids, including to some extent the blood and so on the other planets so we are always there to provide you a precise prediction of your health problems.

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