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The black magic may impose bad impact on the younger ones as well as the elder ones. All the things get totally messy. The minds get deviated towards the wrong direction. The good luck takes the U-turns towards the bad luck. The destiny stops helping the person. The person become confuse as even after the hard work, they always remains at the back side of the progress.

The person may become sick also. Even the doctors give up and all the medicinal effects become useless. Everyone become confused and does not understand what is actually going on. This may also create the hindrance in the marriages of the beings, may be before or after that. Most of the divorces take place because of the ill effects of the black magic only.

The negative energy of this magic makes the person mad, they usually hear the voice of someone crying, some start hurting themselves, some gets attracted towards someone and harm them. Once the evil spirits comes into the body of a person, with the time they get diffused into their blood, nerves and bones. The creature feels like suffocation or even attempts the suicide in this aura. His or her life becomes useless.

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